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Simon on YOtel

I was lucky enough to get an upgrade to the sleeper bed in British Airways first class. I went to sleep with the conundrum of how to make a Japanese capsule hotel acceptable in the west and woke up realising the solution was around me: all I needed to do was find the designer of the BA first class cabin and ask them to help me design a hotel.

Timeline History
1997 YO! Sushi opens and soon after people are saying you should be like Virgin and take your brand into other sectors
2002 Simon sees Japanese capsule hotels and an idea is born for the next YO! Simon flies to Kuwait BA first class and conceives "Language of Travel". Conceptual drawings of more than 50 ideas by Russell and Stuart of Opius - designers.
2003 Gerard Greene writes to Simon - "I want to work with you on your concept"
2004 Simon and Gerard agree terms to work together
2005 Priestman Goode appointed to design premium room and build prototype
2006 Financing deal signed with IFA Hotels and Resorts
2006 First lease signed at Airport
2007 The first YOTEL opens on 01 July at Gatwick airport.
2007 Heathrow opens December 7
2008 Schiphol opens September.
2009 Wins in the 2009 Business Travel World Awards.
2010 YOTEL announces it is to open a 669 cabin hotel in New York.
2011 YOTEL New York opens and new website goes live.

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